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smoke-free indoor electric BBQ vertical grill barbecue

smoke-free indoor electric BBQ vertical grill barbecue
Product Detailed

1.a new and innovative product
2.a real smoke-free product
3.suitable for indoor usage
4.simple and fashion
5.easy to use


As we know, when the oil temperature reaches 280°C, smoke will be generated due to oil bumping. Our BBQ toaster strictly controls the temperature of workspace to remain in the range of 220-250°C, and also uses the patented vertical design to vertically arrange shaped heating pipes. In this way, the dropped oil will directly fall into the oil tray at the bottom of the toaster without any contact with the heat source, thus avoiding the generation of oil smoke.


The technology of vertical toasting enables a better effect of oil control, as it can make excess fat ingredients in foodstuff toasted out and drop down. For the characteristics of smoke-free, the hazardous benzpyrene that is easily generated in traditional barbeque can be averted. Official testing proved that, the quantity of benzpyrene does not increase in the process of toasting when using our BBQ toaster, and unhealthy parts are removed while enough delicious taste is retained.

3.Controllable barbeque quality

The Cheelea BBQ toaster adopts a design of timing control, thus asking for little barbeque experience of the user. As long as you set proper toasting time for the foodstuff you chose, you can then ensure the stable quality of each batch of toasted food.

4. Double side heating, no need to flip

The Cheelea BBQ toaster adopts a mode of double side heating with vertically arranged heating pipes, so that both sides of foodstuff in the toaster can be evenly toasted. In the process of toasting, you don’t need to manually flip the foodstuff or worry about getting the food burned because of forgetting time. The toasting process is quite simple, all you need to do is just rotate the timer knob and wait for the sound of “ding” to start enjoying your delicious food.

5.Genuine barbeque taste

The heating way of open toasting and thermal radiation is the key to ensure the genuine taste of barbeque food, as it can make the water on foodstuff surface release out while lock some of the water within the foodstuff. Cheelea BBQ toaster adopts the open-style design and controls temperature to remain in the best range that was obtained through repeated experiments, so as to ensure the barbeque quality and meet customer’s professional requirements on taste.

6.Easy to clean, endurable of cleaning

The vertical hanging way of toasting prevents foodstuff from directly contacting the inner surface of toaster. After letting the toaster cool off, you can clean it simply by swiping its inner surface with a warm and wet cloth. The newly designed barbeque rack, skewers and oil tray in Cheelea BBQ toaster have no dead corners for you to clean. Also, since they are made of stainless steel, the ir components are quite easy to clean and highly endurable of cleaning.

7.Low energy cost, more environment-friendly

The design of a vertical workspace with high reflectance is a clever application of the thermal cycling and thermal radiation principles, which can reduce the energy cost of the BBQ toaster to 900W while ensuring a relatively short toasting time.


Technical Parameters:

1) The front panel and side panels made of Flame Retardant & Reinforced Polypropylene.

2) Inside is #304 stainless steel

3) Cooking area: 10.6”x2.8”x8.5”(270x70x215mm)

4) 2 pcs #201 Stainless steel tube burner

5) Shell : Galvanized steel, the surface is powder coating

6) BBQ rack: #304 stainless steel, electrolytic surface

7) Oil Drip Tray: #430 stainless steel

8) Product Dimension: 15”x10.6”x 9.8”(380x270x250mm)

9) Packing Dimension:18.3”X10.8”x13.4” (465x 275x340mm)

10) N.W.: 6KGs ; G.W.: 6.8KGs

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